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Without planning for it, the launching of this new website on Shopify coincides with My Quiet Books turning four this June 2020.

Four years back, we were about five months into first time parenting, on maternity leave and started exploring quiet books as a business idea. Fast forward to now, a family of four and a business of four years old, still a side hustle, but the amount of knowledge we gained and impacts we made have enriched us and our perspective so much. 

We grew from 3 quiet books to 20 busy books and play sets, finding the right business model that make our learning through play products accessible to most familities and childcare environments

  • We did not compromise on the excellent craftmanship and quality we set out at the get go
  • We live out our faith through our products and interactions with our customers
  • We get to connect, support and be friends with many like minded people within and outside New Zealand (customers, partners, early childhood teachers, suppliers, fellow small business owners)
  • We provide secondary income to a team of talented female teachers in Vietnam (who hand make our products) and make a difference to their family and children as a result
  • We are able to be of help to others with the enterprenerial experience, skills and network we have gained
  • An example we can be to our children on trusting God, stepping out of comfort zone, working hard and working smart, and 'it's all about people'.

We chose the name of our blog, GRACIOUS and PURPOSEFUL, as a self reminder about being intentional on every decision (to create, to share, to involve others) - "living out Grace" and "pursuing a life of Purpose".

Below is a favourite quote that we'd like to leave you with. Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing with you our life stories and ideas!


Tammy Samuel



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