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Recipe - Vietnamese Summer Rolls

In April 2020, I shared a photo of my 4.5 years old and I making summer rolls together on our Facebook page and asked if anyone wants to get our recipe for the dipping sauce. Lots of people were keen and also asked for the Summer Rolls recipe itself.

As a Vietnamese I'm pretty chuffed you guys like this dish.  So here is a blog post dedicated for it so you guys can locate it easily when you want to refer to it again!

It is a really great family meal idea that everyone can be involved, making and eating their own rolls. Growing up it was one of my favouritea that I requested from my mum often. At my baby shower, and again my baby's one-month-old party, my mum made 100 summer rolls for our guests in New Zealand. It is fair to say summer rolls mean more than just food for us!

mum daughter make summer rolls learn through play

Dipping sauce

  • dissolve 1 part sugar in 6 parts warm water
  • stir in 1 part fish sauce and 1/2 part white rice vinegar
  • (optional) squeeze some lemon juice (or increase vinegar amount by a bit at a time) to taste if you like it more tangy
  • lastly add finely chopped garlic and chopped fresh chili

Summer rolls 

The traditional Hanoians' list of ingredients are:

  • Rice vermicelli (New World sells them these days - GOLDEN SWALLOW brand, Donguan Rice Vermicelli) - follow package instruction, remember to run the cooked vermicelli under cold water for a couple of minutes so they don’t stick together
  • Fried eggs, sliced
  • Boiled pork belly, then cut small and thinly (I buy pork belly slices  with decent fat layers so they won't be chewy and dry in the rolls, also don’t over cook)
  • Cooked prawns (those with the shell on which requires peeling once cooked will be the tastiest! but with limited time I would just throw the frozen prawn meat in the pork belly pot)
  • Lettuce
  • Coriander
  • Rice papers   

Quickly submerge both sides of the rice paper in water then dry on a  clean towel before putting on a plate or chopping board. It's ok for it  to still be a bit hard, it will soon be soft enough for rolling once you finish arranging the fillings.

Top up with ingredients (don't be  ambitious, just a bit of everything!) then roll, apply some pressure through your fingers to form a tight roll. 

Bon appetit!! "Chúc bạn ngon miệng"

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