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How photo albums can be a learning tool?

I'm talking beyond family members facial recognition.
We all learn vast majority of things by repetition. More so for children, in case you still wonder how many more times you will hear that song or read that book over and over.

Looking at photos enables children to revisit what they have done and experienced which are associated with information gained and lessons learnt. These are consolidated in their growing brains by reliving and remembering the event or activity.

To build on that, we ask them to retell the event, articulate their feelings, whether they'd like to do that again, what would they do differently, why? This is actually teaching children to take charge of their learning. Once encouraged and empowered, don't be surprised when they take the initiative to ask next time.

Then it is up to us to create opportunity for relearning (repeat activity) or expanding on existing knowledge or skills (eg. from spotting game to treasure hunt with map to reading simple maps to domestic maps, world map)
So take more photos, make albums or learning journals for your children, go through them together very now and then, spend time on follow up ideas, then repeat

The love for learning and the ability to take charge of their learning are so important. Those, combined with no fear of failure, will surely set the children up for the future!

I hope this has motivated you to be more intentional in taking photos and developing albums, plus given you ideas for quality time with your children!



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